Cooking to the end: mini pizza.

Cooking to the end: mini pizza.

If you want to praise your gang at an Oscar party, game day, or movie or Netflix, then mini pizza is a good choice.

And there is no need to take this all-weather project, there are many shortcuts to take. You can make your own pizza dough, but you can also buy it at a supermarket or a local pizza shop. You can make your own ketchup, but you can also buy a can.

The rest is toppings. You can do whatever you want, and mix it up on a pizza. Another thing that makes the pizza easy: all the toppings are uncooked. Chop them up and let them cook quickly for the rest of the pizza.

Depending on the number of options you use, how many dollars is required for each pizza. A batch of mini pizzas (20) doesn’t require more than a pound of cheese, and a total of 1 cup of ingredients will be enough.

Don’t let the sauce, cheese, or toppings over pizza – you don’t want things to slip and fall. These pizzas are two small things. learn more about pizza toppings at by clicking here

The corn on the roasting pan serves two purposes. First, it adds a little bit of tension and texture to the bottom of the pizza, and the other two help them peel off easily from the pot.

If you haven’t adjusted the oven to more than 500 degrees, it feels like a strange heat. it doesn’t matter Will quickly cooked dough base of high quantity of heat, as much as possible and as close as possible to similar to soft dough, outside in the actual gain soft dough, pizza joint with eyebrows grilled hot oven.

Mild warning: these are quickly inhaled, so there are at least four people per person – if my family comes in more.


45 minutes from start to finish.

Make 20 pizzas (about 5)

A pound of store-bought or homemade pizza dough.

  • 1 cup tomato paste (simple shake pasta sauce)
  • Cornmeal is aspersed
  • Julio mozzarella.

Other pieces or cheeses, such as feta, cheddar, monterey jack, smoked mozzarella, yellow cauliflower, cheese, Swiss cheese. You can buy cookbook at

  • Chopped red Onions.
  • Minced bell peppers or roasted peppers.
  • Chopped tomato
  • Pepperoni, sliced (or tried different kinds of salami or preserved meat)
  • Chopped fresh oregano or dried oregano.
  • Red chili pepper

Put the pizza dough in a bowl and wrap it in some plastic wrap.

Preheat oven to 500 f. If you have parchment, please put it on the baking sheet. Lightly smear the baking sheet or parchment paper, or spray it with a non-stick cooking spray. Lightly sprinkle parchment or baking pan with corn flour.

Divide the dough in half and then split the dough in half. Then divide each quarter into five parts. This way your pizza will be all about the same size. Use a rolling pin to press each piece of dough into a flat circle about 2 inches in diameter and 1/8 of an inch thick. You can also press with your finger, but a rolling pin is easier. Place them on a baking tray and sit for about 15 minutes.

Each spoonful of about 1 teaspoons of spoons, each round, spreads almost to the edge. Sprinkle the pizza with about 1 tablespoon of the cheese you choose. Top 1 to 2 tablespoons of toppings, choose your favorite combination. Sprinkle pizza with oregano and/or chili flakes as needed.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes until the dough is ripe and the cheese melts and starts to turn golden. Remove from oven and transfer to a serving plate, hot or warm.

Nutrition information: 244 calories; 139 calories from fat; 15 g fat (7 g saturated) 0 grams trans fat); 40 milligrams of cholesterol; 799 milligrams of sodium; 13 grams of carbohydrates; 1 gram of fiber; 1 g sugar; 12 grams of protein.

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