Mark e. Smith is from the edge of music and the underlying sound

Mark e. Smith is from the edge of music and the underlying sound.

To be sure, there are no other people like mark Smith. The legendary Manchester post-punk group, The Fall, died yesterday at The age of 60 – a true artist and eccentric. This is the symbol of a scathing British man with the roots of the working class, and his words are like hidden incantation, a cascade of dry wit and an interest in terror, fantasy and surrealism. Smith was a stubborn contrarian, and he and his band created new territory in a powerful way, with over 40 years and dozens of albums.

“Autumn” was first formed in Prestwich, near Manchester, in 1976, and was named for a dark philosophical novel by Albert Camus. The group is taxed on literature, like the kam and underground velvet bands and a large number of psychedelic drugs. (according to Dave Haslam, one of his friends, Smith even ate acid before his high school O grade exam.)

As a lyricist. Smith’s unique skills, from the perspective of the performance of the band early are obvious, his style of stream of consciousness is the horizontal reference, odd sense of humor, sharp image and the British society, culture and politics of sharp observation. “It was like a combination of poetry at first,” recalls Martin Bramah, The first guitarist of The Fall, in a collection of essays by critic Simon Reynolds. “We used to use language to share our feelings, and playing our favorite album, Mark bought a guitar but can’t play, I’ve been singing in another band, so The first song, The Fall is my singing, Mark playing The guitar. Because mark is writing these crazy, beautiful lyrics, so he quickly converted. Our early things sound like americans,

Manchester is legendary in music legend; In that era, a large number of bands were produced under the harsh industrial conditions of the city. The scene of Joy Division and Factory Records captivated The public imagination, but that made The Crown The weirdest, and The strangest of The bands came out of Manchester. The album’s first album “witch test site” in 1979 proved it is already developing a signature sound has made great progress in the way: a agitation, promote the rhythm of the part, emphasizes the extreme, the repetition is almost trance, his voice sounds like the ra sometimes a razor blade. With each successive album, “fall” honed its technology,

The late critic Mark Fisher wrote in his book “weird and grotesque” : “the autumn works – especially those between 1980 and 1982 – are full of grotesque and grotesque. “At this point the way this team is vividly capture in 1980 single city hobgblin” cover photo, in this photo, we see the “old green landscape of exiles” into a city landscape: a brutal underworld, property… A like “autumn” working class and experimental, popular and modern such factions cannot exist and should not exist, and the “degenerate” for them to draw the cultural politics of weird and bizarre is a significant way. ”

Autumn proudly showed off this weird and weird talent, releasing an album for the 1980 album “Gramme”. At this point, The Fall of The original members – guitarist Bramah, bassist Tony Friel, drummer Karl Burns, on The keyboard Una Baines and voices of Smith – has been dissolved and left Smith as The only original members. Smith in “autumn” long career, this topic will be continuous – members of this group constantly, constantly from the album to the album, even transfer in different ways, each month and Smith is the only constant. In the past 40 years, nearly 70 people have become members of the “autumn”, a number that is eye-popping. “If it’s me and your little drummer, that’s The Fall.”

Mark e. Smith is from the edge of music and the underlying sound.

The Smith group has won many famous fans – legendary English DJ John peel is a perennial champion – but the fall has never been mainstream in the us. In the 1980 s, Smith and brixton Smith (Brix Smith) (now the brixton Smith (Brix Smith Start)) marriage and creative cooperation and brought some of the best, the most optimistic in their career in the music – most notably the “saving grace” of the country in 1985 – but the band is still declining, even in the most beautiful days. “He never gave in,” wrote Brix Smith Start in a statement after his death. “how many people can leave life with this strange vision?”

Mark e. Smith (Mark e. Smith) led The “autumn” (The Fall) by more than 30 studio album, and plenty of EP, single and cooperation, rather dazzling, even The most stubborn record collector puzzled. Some of these records are absurd glories – such as the hex hours (1982) and the wonderful and scary world… (1984); Others are mixed bags, and several are absolute failures. “Autumn” live performances can also be said that they can transcend themselves as they can’t understand. Smith and his band mate had an argument with his girlfriend, or his behavior could be harsh, or at least unhelpful.

Smith has been writing, and continues to tour until the end. As The guiding force of The Fall, and The only Fall member who never gave up The band, Smith and The Fall became synonymous. Although many bands have been inspired by “fall – road”, “sonic youth” and the elves in it – no one sounds like this combination. Without Smith there would be no depravity, and the strange and terrible world of music which he had violently thrown out was not so good now, and terrible. “When I’m dead, my vibrations will last for years and resonate on vinyl.” He yelled “Psykick Dancehall” in 1979. The music in autumn will indeed survive.

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