Review: Ty Segall is both exciting and confusing.

Review: Ty Segall is both exciting and confusing.

“Freedom of the ground” is a 19 single, 72 minutes, and Ty Segall and his band somehow managed to squeeze something out of the journey. It contains some of his most experimental songs, some of his loveliest, some of his most regrettable. For all intents and purposes, it seems that the free goblin is Segall’s white album.

The release of “Freedom’s Goblin” marks the third consecutive month that Ty Segall has released a new studio album. In his melodies and simple lyrics, he has long been compared to the beatles, and his annual album release is another way to be comfortable with the Fab Four. However, the beatles gave up their career and focus on writing and recording, and Segall still almost non-stop tour, make you want to know when he is and how to have time to write a new song, at the studio recording them and then through the release of the damn thing – but over the years, he did.

Some of his release version is lower than other distributions of income, it is inevitable of freedom, his brother brin, 19 rail, 72 minutes, he and his band managed to squeeze out somewhere along their journey. It contains some of his most experimental songs, some of his loveliest, some of his most regrettable. For all intents and purposes, it seems that the free goblin is Segall’s white album.

Segall made long before the album, the most famous is the Manipulator in 2014, but only 17 songs, 54 minutes long, and, most important, the unity on the music seems to be 2-3 minutes, popular burner. Freedom of the Goblin between 19 songs in different styles like Ty of different versions in different ways in different time in a different way of thinking into the studio, ultimately these different versions can’t agree to cut anything, and stick to it all there. We remind us again of the “white album”.

The free goblins are lucky enough to be with “Fanny Dog,” which is a song from your favorite friend, who is dedicated to Segall’s canine friends. Second song “Rain” is one of the most ambitious songs Segall directory, song began to close, time, notice the harmony of grand sound, filled with the kind of lyrics, boring to Ty rock songs in the epic song rhythm. The third is the bizarre and fragile cover of hot chocolate’s 1978 radio show “every winner”; This is undoubtedly enjoyable, but the album already has a significantly redundant track, and you want to know if it can be better used as a B square or for live performance. In these three opening songs, you can see the chaotic freedom of the 19: some simple pleasures, some real ambition, some of which can easily be cut off.

Although most of them were released in the first few months of the album, their high points are indeed the highest of Segall’s widely circulated records. “My Lady ‘s On the Fire” (November) is a clever blues figures, around the central image jump, Segall and his band of natural obtrusive showed the pride of his partner, with Mikal Cronin a complete scronk – a sax solo. Tracking “alta” (September as early as the first issue), started from the official authority quickly giant rock burst into a complete, full of blood filled with death or glory lyric poetry, he rode in the above distort the muscle power of his band. Segall almost always have time to put in at least a sweet acoustic song, here we have a “Cry Cry Cry”, a classic minor break up, completely without any original, but Segall still managed to use natural trick as the prototype of rock music and lyrics to create a lot of true compassion.

“She” is a six-minute fidgety music, full of guitars, stop action and Segall banshee, making it impossible not to feel lively; It can easily be a perfect album cover, but here it is on track 13, giving the audience a necessary injection of energy to push through the last paragraph. “The main pretender (also see from November) Segall in an unusually harsh lyrical mood, because he condemn a man’s pride in their small success, coupled with his band on the edge of the wicked, and a screaming cronin saxophone solo, affirmation is land.

The rest of the album is easy to break up into pleasant but unspecific tracks and tracks that contain questions. Long time fans will no doubt from the body of “death” and “shoot you” these songs, like booker T and MG on steroids, while others like “mother kill you” and “five feet high Ty in his comfort zone, write ridiculous garage pop music.

The tracks mentioned so far are enough to make another very solid Ty Segall album, but there are plenty more. Some songs are non-invasive, but they are clearly filled (” meaning “, “you say all the good stuff”), but there are some worse culprits. Song, “the last waltz”, a very rough melody for 2 minutes, and “Talkin 3”, this is in 2017 Ty Segall and Fried Shallots in the third version of the song – just a couple is easy to cut and keep the collection for the inevitable Outtakes and Rarities, eventually will pop up.

Although it is possible to make a clear cut in the abdomen, the free goblin is still a worthy beast. In fact, in today’s world playlist creation, editing, according to his be fond of paste and rearrange the album is easy, look this album is the choice of this treatment. However, people decided to digest and dissected the freedom of the earth, and the songs here will undoubtedly end up in most of Ty Segall’s songs and be brought out on stage to be exciting. The rest can be enjoyed quickly and easily, and then completely forgotten – it doesn’t matter, because we might be only a year or so away from another Ty Segall album.

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