Travel disaster brings the best, the worst… And cannibals

Travel disaster brings the best, the worst… And cannibals

The author, Sarah Lotz, was terrified of flying, so whenever she got on a plane, she imagined the worst. “I imagine how it would smell if things started to burn,” she says. “I imagine that a lot of stuff in the box fell out of the top compartment, and I think these are very scary details.

All of these horrible to imagine come in handy, then los, wrote her new book “the no. 3” – the story of three children, the three children are on the same day in different parts of the world of four independent the sole survivor of the plane crash.

Lotz’s book is part of a long tradition of tourism disasters. After all, travel stories often don’t end: planes fall into thick jungles and frozen tundra. The shipwrecked victims spent months on the rickety ship on the high seas. The survivors were trapped on remote islands and had to overcome the terrible possibility.

“Everyone loves a train wreck,” author Eric Wilson (Eric Wilson) said, in fact, you can put The Odyssey in The “Odyssey” (The Odyssey) in The long journey to imagine disaster for again and again to travel.

“Odysseus put up with the test,” Wilson explained. “Is he cunning enough, cunning enough, strong enough, brave enough, and the answer is yes!”

Travel disasters often lead to extreme situations. Their courage is not only tested, but also their moral tenacity. Mitchell Zuckoff wrote the true story of travelers stranded in remote areas in his book “lost shangri-la” and “ice and snow.” ‘people look at this dangerous risk in terms of family security,’ he said. But it also made them think: “we’re all flying, we’re all going by boat – how am I going to react if the worst happens? This fascinates me, “Zuckoff says.

One of his favorite songs was “a night to remember”, walter Lord’s account of the sinking of the Titanic, which was made into a film in 1958. God built on his interviews with survivors, including the band’s memorable image, and the ship stopped. But once the ship sinks or the plane crashes, these stories don’t end – usually it’s just the beginning. learn more about the history of Titanic at https://www.britannica.com/topic/Titanic

“Most travel disaster turned into something else,” said Zuckoff, “a story of survival, a brave story, a story of heroism, sometimes is a villain, you don’t know what it is time to start, because this is the unexpected events. ”

Usually the survivors will tell us what really happened to the rest of us. In lozi’s book, the young survivors became the center of the media storm. They are suspected of being harbingers of aliens or apocalypse.

“There is a miracle – for example, the surviving air crash – that makes them very special for us,” lozi said. “They’ve been killed, and it’s fascinating to us.”

Survivors often find themselves struggling not only with natural forces but also with each other. In “frozen”, Zuckoff recounted a cargo plane that crashed in Greenland during world war ii, and the survivors proved to be heroes.

“That’s great,” said zuckoff. “… Everyone in the back of the plane thought, “can I get the guy next to me?” Can I warm his feet? Can I share my food? How do I help him survive?

But the survivors can also turn as savage as the savage novel the king of the flies. Writer Eric Wilson (Eric Wilson), trapped in an isolated place, or little space, such as a lifeboat with a group of strangers, can bring out our best or the worst.

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“All of a sudden, they have to work together,” he said. “… Have this extreme behavior, the concept of normal person often become a hero, but this seems remarkable people tend to become a goat, and there is always the possibility of eating people, say an extreme things will happen, in extreme cases, people will learn what they didn’t know. ”

Wilson believes that writers are constantly returning to the story of travel mistakes, because there are some very satisfying things.

“When there is danger, when there is destruction, we feel like we are on the edge of life, completely alive,” he said. “It really brings out some strong prose, and let us think about some of the great questions in the universe, like what is the meaning of pain?

Sometimes a trip to the end of a disaster can bring survivors to the sublime. This is, in fact, James Hilton (James Hilton) of the “Lost horizon” (Lost Horizo n) in one thing happened, survivors in an airplane crash in the Himalayas finds himself in the shangri-la’s paradise.

The only problem is… You have to survive the plane crash.

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